Member: Family Caregiver Alliance

The Selected Caregiver Assessment Measures is a systematic process of gathering information about a caregiving situation to identify the specific problems, needs, strengths, and resources of the family caregiver, as well as the ability of the caregiver to contribute to the needs of the care recipient.  It is an update of the 2002 edition.

Given the current interest in caregiver assessment across health and social service settings, it seemed fitting to update the caregiver assessment measures for the next generation of deployment in the field. As health care continues to move into home setting, it is important to assess not only the knowledge, skills and capacity of the caregiver to provide care but also to address caregiver well-being and health in order to prevent more serious health problems for families in the long-term.

There have been a number of changes to measures inventoried in 2002, many of which have been shortened for ease of use in the field. While new measures have been added, we have also made note of gaps in the Future Directions section. Of importance to the increased health care tasks carried out in the home is the lack of measures for types of healthcare tasks being performed, training provided by healthcare professionals and competency felt by family caregivers.

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