Preserve Medicaid for Our Nation’s Older Adults and Those Who Care for Them

Congress and the Administration must safeguard the Medicaid program and the fundamental care infrastructure for older adults.
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Family Caregivers: The Backbone of Our Eldercare System

Family caregivers are the backbone of our long-term care system for older Americans. Due to demographic changes, the demand for family caregivers of adults over the age of 65 is increasing significantly but we do not have an eldercare system properly equipped to support them.
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Eldercare Workforce Comments to Reform the Medicare Program

A key component of assessing the quality of care received by beneficiaries lies in understanding the health care workforce. High-quality care for older adults, many of whom have multiple complex chronic conditions, requires a health care team with a diverse range of skills for addressing this population’s physical, mental, cognitive, and behavioral needs. The Eldercare Workforce Alliance encourages any quality measure effort to focus on key workforce measures, including recruitment, training, retention, and compensation, as well as ways to evaluate and support participation in interdisciplinary teams.
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