Blog September 30, 2016

#TogetherWeCare Update

This Labor Day, EWA asked partners to help us recognize, celebrate, and support the eldercare workforce.

Each year, on the first Monday in September, our country comes together to celebrate the contributions American workers have made to the strength of our nation. This year, we wanted to focus on the often over-looked eldercare workforce and reinforce the importance of the work they do each day. Whether it be health professionals, social workers, family caregivers, direct care workers, or others, these individuals play a critical role in keeping our loved ones healthy.

In order to join in the movement, we asked individuals to share their own care story. Many of us are providing care to an older adult but most of us don’t realize how many of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues are facing similar experiences. By putting a face on caregiving and the eldercare workforce, it reinforces that this isn’t an individual experience and ways to support this workforce are not an individual endeavor.

Here is a taste of the stories shared during the initiative.


LeadingAge President and CEO Katie Smith Sloan authored “Honoring Workers on Labor Day

Robert Espinoza, Vice President of Policy at PHI, weighed in with “Who Will Care For Us As We Age? New Research Raises Big Questions”

You can also find more eldercare workforce stories on the EWA website.

You can see a full recap of the stories shared via Twitter and please continue to share your care story using #TogetherWeCare!